Michael Kors handbags and watches can be seen everywhere in America

In the matter of keeping pace with the times, the US luxury brand Michael Kors has never dropped half a step. In the country where no advanced custom and jeans are born, Michael Kors has saved a heavy historical burden and pursued a leisure and efficient lifestyle.

Now walking on the streets of the United States, Michael Kors handbags and watches can be seen everywhere. To a large extent, this light luxury brand has become synonymous with American fashion. Although often criticized as “overly commercialized”, the vision of Michael Kors has been proven as the leisure style and pro – democracy in recent years have penetrated in the fashion industry.

Michael Kors founded the same name light luxury brand in 1981, which completely projected the whole concept of life of the designer himself. From the beginning of the child star identity, Michael Kors has the opportunity to glimpse the way of life of American celebrities. Later, when he was studying and designing in FIT, New York Fashion Institute, he began to exercise her communicative ability with celebrities with her internship opportunities at Lothar ‘s. Before graduating, he formally entered the fashion industry.

Michael Kors launches smart watch series in China

Michael Kors is honored to launch the MICHAEL KORS ACCESS touchscreen smart watch series in China, as well as its latest generation of smart watches Sofie and Grayson. Sofie and Grayson smart wristwatches combine attractive style and technological innovation with the brand’s trademark modern luxury, and its design philosophy is based on the seamless link between technology and society.

“I believe that future fashion will be combined with excellent design, personalized style and innovative technology,” Mr. Michael Kors, the designer, said, “the sensation of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS is showing the future. We are very excited to be able to provide a new generation of smart watches and hybrid smart watches.

The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS intelligent wrist watch was launched in the United States in September 2016 and has been sold in a limited global market. The sale in China has expanded the range of market coverage of the series, marking a brand new major opportunity. John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive officer of Michael Kors, said: “for us, MICHAEL KORS ACCESS entry into China is an important development opportunity. Through the global expansion of the MICHAEL KORS ACCESS series, we have further positioned ourselves to understand the integration of fashion and technology and to invest in this field. “

Global fashion group MICHAEL KORS does not sell fur products

With the deepening of people’s understanding of sustainable fashion, fashion, luxury and beauty are being redefined. Michael Kors (Mike Mike), the global fashion luxury group (Mike Gao Shi), officially announced that its products will no longer use animal fur on the 16 day of Beijing. With the announcement, the company’s brand Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo will confirm joining the international zero fur sales company, becoming the leader of the trend of zero fur in luxury fashion.

John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive of Michael Kors, said: “I’m glad to announce that Michael Kors joined zero fur and promised to no longer use animal fur in Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo. This decision marks a new chapter in Michael Kors, and will also promote our continuous progress in the use of innovative materials. ” The designer of Michael Kors explained: “thanks to the progress of manufacturing technology, we now have the ability to use non animal fur to create luxurious beauty. We will show the achievements of these new technologies in the fashion show to be held in February next year.

International zero fur alliance chairman John Windin (JohVinding) said: “the international zero fur alliance must congratulate the great decision made by Michael Kors. We are very clear that when innovative alternatives appear, fashion companies and consumers are reluctant to relate to unnecessary animal abuse.

The market value of Michael Kors returns to $10 billion

In January 19th, Michael Kors’s closing share price of $66 per share reached its highest level in 3 years. The group’s valuation returned to $10 billion, more than the British luxury group Burberry, and the market value of Burberry is now 6 billion 800 million pounds (about $9 billion 420 million).

However, since 2014, Michael Kors’s growth in the same store sales has been declining, partly due to the increasing sales of Michael Kors stores and department stores and other sales channels. After the recession, consumers are becoming more sensitive to prices and are keen on discounts. Although 40% discount is a great temptation for consumers, it will become more difficult to maintain brand image. In addition, frequent discount activities make brands less distinctive in the minds of consumers.

In particular, after 2016, John D. Idol, chief executive of Michael Kors, told investors that maintaining the brand image is one of the most important things that the group needs to do. The group is trying to make it easier for the group to get brand goods by reducing sales and removing the sales channels like department stores. This is to relocate the position of its own high-end brand retailer.

MICHAEL KORS 2018 fall series fashion show

MICHAEL KORS Mike is pleased to announce that the 2018 autumn series will be held at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, February 14th, New York time. The show will not only be held in Lincoln Center Vivian Beaumont Theater (Vivian Beaumont Theatre), but also invites the legendary artist and illustrator James McMullan (James McMullan) to design unique invitations and works of art.

The 2018 autumn fashion show will be a “love letter” written by Mr. Michael to the city of New York. New York is not only the home of the designer Michael Kors, but also the source of his inspiration. Mr. Michael hopes to present his own understanding and love to New York through the fashion show, which is presented in a more creative and dynamic way. To the audience, tell the story of his New York.

Designer Michael Kors said, “this fashion show is a love letter I wrote to New York. Everything in this city can give me inspiration, speed and personality, art and fashion, diversity and inclusiveness. New York is endowed with many impressive impressions, from architecture to theatre, and even to the faces of many celebrities.

Anyone who has been here has his own New York story. For me, in this Lincoln center, designed by the famous master of architecture Eero Saarinen (Eero Saarinen), the fashion show is held, and the artwork created by James McMullan (James McMullan) is the New York story I want to share with you.

MICHAEL KORS lets white show different personalities

In the on-the-job, wear a dark black skirt, while inviting a companion to the seaside in the spring, let himself wear a white, show the other side of himself, free and easy. The light luxury package brand MICHAEL KORS elaborate this short sleeve round collar dresses designed to collect the waist dress, use the elastic viscose fabric, skin soft and soft, let you unload the tiredness shackles, enjoy the seaside holiday. The dress uses lotus leaf stripes to create a special texture and looks more charming at the seashore. You can attend the party with straw handbags and waterproof table sandals. Casual carefree activities can impress others.

The major brands focus on creating different spring new product colors. The white MICHAEL brand launched by the luxury luxury brand KORS is just the perfect simplicity in the fast rhythm. Perfect wear will always need a pair of shoes, MK this spring new Jodi high heel sandals use a bright leather fabric, cross trip to ensure the fit, and can be supported by the foot. The woody coarse texture of the building is decorated with a simple outline. With a light and elegant dress, standing on the bow, let the sea breeze blow your long hair and skirt, is the most beautiful scene on the sea.

Sea, beach, sunset, this beautiful dream holiday, you need some decorative elements and your gentle temperament. Light luxury package brand MICHAEL KORS this spring new [white] series, this Mercer Gallery trumpet handbag is tailored from soft leather, and the top double color handle is novel and unique. The package is solid and neat. All four corners are covered with leather, and the decorative side of wrinkled Auricularia auricula, so that the whole shape is gentle and pleasant. Suede leather is soft and comfortable inside, just enough to accommodate everyday needs. White and blue skies are so harmonious and beautiful. Let’s just drop everything and enjoy the lazy time on the beach.

Michael Kors is ready to enter the golf market

Michael Kors, the American light luxury brand, has announced that it will test the golf market by sponsoring professional golfer Charl Schwartzel, Charl Schwartzel will serve as the brand’s first golf image ambassador and help Michael Kors expand sports clothing products.

Michael Kors chairman and chief executive officer John D. Idol said that although the brand has launched a shooting suit, but no golf category has been introduced before, the cooperation with Charl Schwartzel marks the brand will compete with competitors such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour for the golf market share.

Schwartzel, 33, won the master championship in 2011, and said he was honored to work with Michael Kors to develop brand sportswear. “As an athlete, what I can do is to provide performance data for the company to be included in the production line.”

Michael Kors makes you shining in the spring

It seems that wearing heavy winter clothes yesterday, in a twinkling of an eye, are eager to change all kinds of dress. The switching of the season is becoming less and more clear, and the spring is getting shorter and shorter. We should cherish this short spring festival, wear the most beautiful spring clothes, carry on the delicate bag on the back to enjoy the holiday and enjoy the flowers, enjoy a moment’s leisure. In the spring wear series of this year’s big fashion brands, I personally love the Jet Set style of the light luxury package MICHAEL KORS, which is more delicate and elegant in the fashion.

Spring is always filled with flowers, flowers are natural and the eternal theme of spring, but the application of the flower element is also easy to fall into the custom, less amazing, but this light luxury package brand MICHAEL KORS gives us a lot of surprise. From the red Bristol of Valentine’s day, focus on this delicate, lovely bag, and this spring, based on the classic Ava – shaped profile, uses black pebbles – textured leather with a more delicate and smooth texture. One of the most striking features is the addition of white flowers, a fresh and elegant color, and a slightly different taste for the relatively mature package, especially in spring.

From last year’s MICHAEL KORS Mercer package, MK continued the detail design of the replaceable shoulder strap, and wanted to match a unique bag. The three-dimensional flower Bristol bag just met my little wish, replaced the original shoulder strap as the flower element’s shoulder strap, and the white flowers embellished with the body. It is a perfect interpretation of the style of spring.

Michael Kors 2018 Sunglasses

The Michael Kors 2018 glasses series outlines the glamour and diversity of styles with the classic outline and rich material of the brand. Each of the new series explains the classic charm with bold strokes, with exquisite crafted tailor-made material and modern aesthetic feeling in detail, such as punching design on metal material, etched lens and blending design style.

Grayton is a double beam round eyeglasses with double layered and hollowed out frames. The neat straight line metal mirror leg adds a bit of modern elegance.

The Grayton frames are silver, light gold, matte, purple or dark blue, with dark green mirror lenses or dark brown, dark purple or gray blue gradient lenses.

The modern geometric profile is the highlight of Savannah design and makes it a must for this season. The upper edge of the picture frame is beautifully patterned, the skipping color is smart, and the fashion aesthetics style is fully integrated with the super metal mirror legs. The color matching of this spectacle includes: water pink mosaic pattern frame with bright face rose golden mirror leg, ink green mosaic pattern frame with golden mirror leg, black frame with golden mirror leg. And with brown purple, light grey and gray gradient mirror.