Michael Kors handbags and watches can be seen everywhere in America

In the matter of keeping pace with the times, the US luxury brand Michael Kors has never dropped half a step. In the country where no advanced custom and jeans are born, Michael Kors has saved a heavy historical burden and pursued a leisure and efficient lifestyle.

Now walking on the streets of the United States, Michael Kors handbags and watches can be seen everywhere. To a large extent, this light luxury brand has become synonymous with American fashion. Although often criticized as “overly commercialized”, the vision of Michael Kors has been proven as the leisure style and pro – democracy in recent years have penetrated in the fashion industry.

Michael Kors founded the same name light luxury brand in 1981, which completely projected the whole concept of life of the designer himself. From the beginning of the child star identity, Michael Kors has the opportunity to glimpse the way of life of American celebrities. Later, when he was studying and designing in FIT, New York Fashion Institute, he began to exercise her communicative ability with celebrities with her internship opportunities at Lothar ‘s. Before graduating, he formally entered the fashion industry.

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