Michael Kors makes you shining in the spring

It seems that wearing heavy winter clothes yesterday, in a twinkling of an eye, are eager to change all kinds of dress. The switching of the season is becoming less and more clear, and the spring is getting shorter and shorter. We should cherish this short spring festival, wear the most beautiful spring clothes, carry on the delicate bag on the back to enjoy the holiday and enjoy the flowers, enjoy a moment’s leisure. In the spring wear series of this year’s big fashion brands, I personally love the Jet Set style of the light luxury package MICHAEL KORS, which is more delicate and elegant in the fashion.

Spring is always filled with flowers, flowers are natural and the eternal theme of spring, but the application of the flower element is also easy to fall into the custom, less amazing, but this light luxury package brand MICHAEL KORS gives us a lot of surprise. From the red Bristol of Valentine’s day, focus on this delicate, lovely bag, and this spring, based on the classic Ava – shaped profile, uses black pebbles – textured leather with a more delicate and smooth texture. One of the most striking features is the addition of white flowers, a fresh and elegant color, and a slightly different taste for the relatively mature package, especially in spring.

From last year’s MICHAEL KORS Mercer package, MK continued the detail design of the replaceable shoulder strap, and wanted to match a unique bag. The three-dimensional flower Bristol bag just met my little wish, replaced the original shoulder strap as the flower element’s shoulder strap, and the white flowers embellished with the body. It is a perfect interpretation of the style of spring.