MICHAEL KORS 2018 fall series fashion show

MICHAEL KORS Mike is pleased to announce that the 2018 autumn series will be held at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, February 14th, New York time. The show will not only be held in Lincoln Center Vivian Beaumont Theater (Vivian Beaumont Theatre), but also invites the legendary artist and illustrator James McMullan (James McMullan) to design unique invitations and works of art.

The 2018 autumn fashion show will be a “love letter” written by Mr. Michael to the city of New York. New York is not only the home of the designer Michael Kors, but also the source of his inspiration. Mr. Michael hopes to present his own understanding and love to New York through the fashion show, which is presented in a more creative and dynamic way. To the audience, tell the story of his New York.

Designer Michael Kors said, “this fashion show is a love letter I wrote to New York. Everything in this city can give me inspiration, speed and personality, art and fashion, diversity and inclusiveness. New York is endowed with many impressive impressions, from architecture to theatre, and even to the faces of many celebrities.

Anyone who has been here has his own New York story. For me, in this Lincoln center, designed by the famous master of architecture Eero Saarinen (Eero Saarinen), the fashion show is held, and the artwork created by James McMullan (James McMullan) is the New York story I want to share with you.