Global fashion group MICHAEL KORS does not sell fur products

With the deepening of people’s understanding of sustainable fashion, fashion, luxury and beauty are being redefined. Michael Kors (Mike Mike), the global fashion luxury group (Mike Gao Shi), officially announced that its products will no longer use animal fur on the 16 day of Beijing. With the announcement, the company’s brand Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo will confirm joining the international zero fur sales company, becoming the leader of the trend of zero fur in luxury fashion.

John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive of Michael Kors, said: “I’m glad to announce that Michael Kors joined zero fur and promised to no longer use animal fur in Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo. This decision marks a new chapter in Michael Kors, and will also promote our continuous progress in the use of innovative materials. ” The designer of Michael Kors explained: “thanks to the progress of manufacturing technology, we now have the ability to use non animal fur to create luxurious beauty. We will show the achievements of these new technologies in the fashion show to be held in February next year.

International zero fur alliance chairman John Windin (JohVinding) said: “the international zero fur alliance must congratulate the great decision made by Michael Kors. We are very clear that when innovative alternatives appear, fashion companies and consumers are reluctant to relate to unnecessary animal abuse.